Labor Rights Now! A human rights group fighting for imprisoned worker activists worldwide.
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Support the campaign to win the release of imprisoned union leaders in Burma. Labor Rights Now has produced this poster demanding the military regime release Myo Aung Thant.
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About Us

    Labor Rights Now is an independent human rights group based in Washington, DC. We campaign for the release of imprisoned worker activists and fight against labor repression worldwide.

    Currently, Labor Rights Now is working on behalf of jailed worker activists in China and imprisoned union leaders in Burma. We're organizing against the widespread killings of unionists in Colombia and opposing the repression of unions in Zimbabwe by Robert Mugabe.

    Over more than 25 years, Labor Rights Now has played a key role in winning freedom for imprisoned union leaders and worker activists in a wide range of countries, including Nigeria, Indonesia, China, South Africa, El Salvador, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Algeria, and elsewhere.

    Supported by American workers and trade unions, Labor Rights Now seeks to focus attention in the U.S. and throughout the world on the cases of specific imprisoned labor activists. And we strongly oppose actions that deny workers the core labor rights that should and must be the global norm.

    Labor Rights Now does education, research, and outreach with U.S. unions, human rights groups, NGOs, global union federations, and others concerned about worker rights abuses. LRN has been a leading force in the investigation, reporting, and monitoring of serious violations of internationally recognized labor rights.

    Our record of success demonstrates the power of international solidarity efforts. But sadly the daunting numbers of unionists and worker activists who are jailed, tortured, abducted, and murdered demands that we redouble our efforts against global labor repression.

About LRN President Don Stillman

    Labor Rights Now President Don Stillman spent 22 years as Director of Governmental and International Affairs at the United Auto Workers union where he helped the UAW lead a number of labor rights campaigns. He also represented the UAW at the International Metalworkers Federation.

    Stillman taught at Oxford University where he was visiting fellow at Magdalen College. He was founding editor of WorkingUSA, an academic journal dealing with labor issues, and his work as editor of the United Mine Workers Journal helped it win a National Magazine Award. Stillman's writing has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Life magazine, Progressive, and other publications.

Labor Rights Now's poster urging the release of jailed worker activists in China won the silver medal in the American Design Awards competition. The poster has rallied support for freedom for Yao Fuxin.
Order your copy today.

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